Dear President Trump,

You have promised to be a President for all Americans, but your actions tell a different story. America’s strength lies in its diversity, but your actions are divisive and your rhetoric is inflammatory. You have promised that it will be “America First,” but isolating the states from the rest of the world only serves to weaken our country and alienate our allies.

I know that you’ll never read this note and that on the off-chance that you actually do read it, you’ll assume that I’m either a fake person or that my words are actually praise rather than criticism. So I’m not sure why I’m bothering to tell you how much you’re scaring the hell out of Americans like myself who actually still believe in the true American values of inclusiveness and democracy. I suppose it’s just therapy for me, since the thought of a mentally unstable person in the Oval Office leaves a sinking feeling in my stomach.



Suburban, pro-choice, non-theistic, bleeding heart liberal American who fervently wishes the President would bother to pick up an actual history book once in a while to become better acquainted with this little thing called “reality.”